Ip Phone does not register after add extension in EPM

Hi there, for first time I want to initialize a Sangoma Ip Phone but it can register in FreePBX if I config it manually, but after I add it as Extension in EPM and save and rebuild configs and update device, it does nothing. although it can get a correct ip address in range from DHCP. For example Server ip is and it get ip. Successful manually registration shows that all needed ports in main firewall are already open.
Can anyone help me, what I can check to solve this problem?

Do you see on the phone the correct provisioning address?

Thank you @PitzKey, exactly correct answer.
It means that every phone must I set provisioning address manually? It seems to be undesired and opposite to “zero provisioning” concept. Some customers buy ip phones directly from Sangoma and we have no access to change some default settings remotely.
Is it possible to solve it in another way

Zero touch provisioning means that you need to set it up in the redirection portal.

Did you add the server and the MAC in the portal?


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