IP Peering Help Needed

Hello all,

I need help. I am trying to setup IP Peering but I do not think I have everything setup correctly. I used this link to help me with the Trunk setup.


But I think I am still missing something.
I got the IP address from my provider the SBC box IP and the IP for my PBX. I have two network cards one for the provider and one for the internet for updates.
I config one card with my router info and one static with there’s.
I config the Firewall with both network connections to Internet default.
For some reason I lost internet but can still talk to my phones.
Anyway I built the trunks and the inbound and outbound and that seems to work but I cannot do call forwarding at all. My provider said something about an INVITE but I am not sure where to add this.
Any help would be appreciated.

What does
netstat -rn
show? If the route to is not present or not via your regular internet NIC, edit the ifcfg-xxxx files in
as required.

This is most likely a caller ID problem. Test by temporarily setting Outbound CID for your extension to a number not on your PBX and making a call. If it fails, there are three possibilities:

  1. Caller ID not in format wanted by your provider.
  2. Headers not as wanted by provider e.g. they may require a Diversion header or a special format for P-Asserted-Identity.
  3. They don’t allow you to send a number that’s not yours. In that case, use Follow Me and set External CID Configuration accordingly.

Thank you. I will check the route and let you know what I find. I will also check with my provider and see what they require for outbound CID.

Thanks again Stewart1 really appreciate the help.

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