IP Change - VPN Clients still populating with old IP

We have a system hosted in a datacenter that has a Public IP on it’s LAN interface. We moved it to a new IP. Everything is fine EXCEPT Open VPN on the phones won’t connect. I’ve determined that the phones are trying to connect to old IP, which is hard coded into the VPN Config Files. On the PBX itself via SSH, using GREP I have confirmed the only place the old IP is located is in the /etc/openvpn/clients/* files, which each file correlate to the entries under Sysadmin->VPN Server.

Each one of those entries, in the actual file, have the old IP listed. In the configuration within the GUI though, the area where the IP/Address is entered is actually blank. If I manually set the entry to be the correct IP, it works fine and updates the file accordingly properly and VPN then works. If the entry is blank however, it sticks in there the old IP.

My question is WHERE is it pulling the old IP from? I can’t find it referenced anywhere in the GUI, and DNS obviously doesn’t point to wrong IP either. Wondering if it’s orphaned in the database somewhere.

The connection’s IP is encapsulated in the openvpn file, you will need to recreate it and then re-propagate/re-distribute it.

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