IP based PA System using FreePBX in Raspberry pi


i am trying to make a Ip based PA system With a FreePBX Server running on RASPBERRY pi.I already have a functional Voip Softphone System. I want to extend the same to a PA system(i dont need a loudspeeker or anything)., i just want the 1 call to be routed to all the clients in the network. and i am planning to enable autoanswer in all the clients too.

i Thought of making an extension and registering all the clients to that single extension would solve the problem. but i am probably wrong.I dont know if its possible for more than one client to register on the same extension.

And even if i could may be when 2 client with the same extension rings at the same time, only the first recipients will be served.

Is there any other functionality in freePBX which allows me to do what i want…?
an announcement or a ring group perhaps…?

any help is appreciated.

Since each PA speaker would be served by a distinct RTP stream any areas that have an overlap in coverage would have horrible phase distortion.

The paging module does exactly what you want.

For PA speakers most folks use a single paging gateway that has a balanced 600 ohm output per zone.

if you want to use IP, then get an IP paging system that uses multicasting. it is a lot easier on your network and you will get excellent control over which speakers response to which type of page. something like the cyberdata product is an example of such a system.

if by “making a paging system” you mean paging through the IP phones, then you have two options. if the number of phones is relatively small, then you can use the paging module. if you have a large number of phones then it would again be better to use a paging controller and multicasting. I have used the paging module with up to 40 phones but the network goes nuts when some issues a page as the phone system must ring each phone. in this particular case the phones were Digium phones which don’t support multicasting.

If you want to see some FreePBX certified compatible Paging Hardware, log into the portal (portal.schmoozecom.com) and click on Store>Hardware>Paging . There is some pretty cool stuff in there including VoIP Paging Servers, Zone Controllers and Amplifiers and SIP Enabled Speakers. All of that hardware can be provisioned by hand (or autoprovisioned by the Commercial End Point Manager on a supported system, will not work on a Pi).

There are multiple ways to get to the end result you are looking for, however since you are planning on using a Pi, how many endpoints (speakers or phones) are you realistically looking to put on this system? And what types of hardware?


I have a working solution using raspberry Pi’s, enable auto answer and use a ring group.