IP addresses not registering in Asterisk after DHCP change

I had to change my static Asterisk ip address to a different network. I changed the settings in my firewall and now Asterisk shows the net ip. All my office phones receive a new ip address from the DHCP, but sip ip’s still have the old ip addresses. I can’t make calls.

I’ve reboot the system, but no luck. How do I re-register the sip files to match the ip’s of the phones?

This depends on how you provisioned the phones to begin with. You’ll need to find the spot and change those settings to the new IP address of the PBX.

I found the answer myself. If your DHCP is not Option 66 compatible with Asterisk, you have to manually go into each phone via the http:// interface and set the SIP server IP address to match your Asterisk IP address.

Begin by using the Menu button on the physical phone, Network settings, to find the DHCP ip address of the phone. Open a web browser on a computer that has access to your Asterisk network, and login to the phone’s user interface (UI). In my case the default Polycom phone login is Polycom (case sensitive), 456. Look for the SIP server settings in the menu.

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