Ip address not on my lan

I installed Asterisknow and it gave me a ip address. when trying to configure my firewall an error message came up “invalid ip address! it should be set within the curren subnet” how can i fix this??

All hosts (computers, servers printers etc.) must be on the same LAN segment to be “local” to the firewall. The size of the LAN segment is defined by the subnet mask.

The most common subnet mask is 24 bits (255 in binary is 11111111) and supports 254 usable IP address. All your hosts in your local LAN must have the same subnet mask. In your case the firewall is the default gateway. You need to change the IP address of your Asterisk Now server to match the schema of your current LAN.

Does this make sense?

Use the “system-network-config” utility to set the IP of the server. Once you save your new IP run the command “service network restart” to apply your changes. These commands are entered from the console or a remote console session via SSH.

thank you so much.

i followed you instructions. the Asterisk ip address did not change.

Can you explain what exactly are you configuring on your firewall and why ?
Most installations do not require any changes to the firewall.

Not sure what you mean, Asterisk binds to the host IP.

I installed AsterisNow and it gave me a ip address of 192.168.138.xxx. The ip address on my lan os 192.168.2.xxx. now, when i do port fw. to allow port 5060 it wont allow me to do it, since the Asterisk ip address is not on the same subnet. i tried system-config-network and changed the ip address to match the one on my lan. then i did system restart network and the old ip address 192.168.138.xxx came back.

You need to do ‘system network restart’

Did you change the right adapter? Did you save the settings.

You can type cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (or eth1 depending on your interface adapter) and see the actual settings.


Intel Corporation 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper)


what does this ?

do i edit devices? or DNS conficurations??

ok. thanks so much for your help.

If you still have it set for DHCP you must not have saved your changes when you used system-config-network. Run it again, turn DHCP off and enter your IP address, netmask and default gateway. Save the changes and execute ‘service network restart’ and you should be good to go.

I don’t know what to tell you, this is not an Asterisk/FreePBX issue.

Check the basics is the web server running (service httpd status)? Can you ping the router? Can the PC ping the AsteriskNow box?

You will need basic network skills to be successful setting up an IPBX.

Thank you so much! now i enter my static ip, netmask and defalut gateway and it save the info. do i have to change in the DNS configuration too?? the astresik ip address is still 192.168.135.xxx

You need to change the DNS if you want to resolve host names.

After you change the address you need to restart Asterisk/FreePBX with the amportal restart command.

Have you reviewed any documentation for Asterisk/FreePBX?

i changed the ip and i restarted it. the message came up " To configure asterisknow piont your web browser to http:// 192.168.2.xxx. when i entered it in the browser it could not display it.

You didn’t check the other items I suggested?

Start by deleting AsteriskNOW and going with the FreePBX Distro or PBX In A Flash.

You can find detailed instructions on the initial configuration at this link:


i did, it didn’t work. it was a networking issue.