IP address keeps getting banned even when excluded in Firewall

I have a remote location with two Yealink devices.

I have a DNS name added to the firewall as “trusted - excluded from firewall” yet
the ip still get’s banned in fail2ban asterisk-iptables.

I’m running FreePBX

I’m not sure what to do to prevent these devices from getting banned.

After adding the hostname, to firewall to I have to manually reload/restart anything?

What can I do to further troubleshoot?
What should I look for in logs?

I do see “Failed to authenticate” for the remote extension, but why is it getting banned. I have
a feeling remote network issues may be causing the failures but I’ll need to do a packet capture
to know for sure.

Should the IP still get banned for failures if it’s excluded in firewall network as trusted?

Well, I do see something interesting:
Request ‘INVITE’ from ‘sip:

It seems the phone is not sending the authname, or it’s getting lost somewhere.


Upgrade to Edge.

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