Ios/android app to listen to voicemails

Is there an ios or android app, that will allow me to listen to recorded voicemail, and perhaps also popup a notification for new voicemails?

Not built into Freepbx.
You can however install a third party sip client, like Zoiper, on your mobile phone and have it register to your PBX.

But I suspect there will be with Zulu mobile app hopefully coming sometime next year.
Zulu is a commercial Freepbx add on.

Send the voicemail to your email. Setup a filter in your email to notify. Watta-bing notification and provides you the ability to listen and archive if u would like.

Another option … visualvoicemail by way of UCP. Works great on a mobile. U can use email still for notification if so desired.

And of course the venerable fop2 which is html5 compliant and has a chromium plug in.

Can you elaborate on how to listen to recorded voicemail using zoiper? I installed it and connected to to a voicemail enabled extension, but there’s no option to listen to voicemail.

yes, this is a good option, its what I’m currently using.

Not built into the app, but you can just dial into your voicemail account.
Check the feature code for this, I think default is *79 (?).

*97 or *98 for another VM box.

Right, thanks.