Invalid Websocket Transport for Zulu

Hi, I am using FreePBX and I noticed this on the dash about 2 weeks ago and it will not go away.

It says that ws and wss are enabled but they are not…

how do i get rid of this error?

thanks in advance

Browse to Settings, Asterisk SIP Settings , PJSIP tab

  • enable both “ws - - All” and “wss - - All”. Leave ws and wss disabled for individual interfaces.

Lorne, thanks. I guess my question is, do I need to do this if i do NOT want to run zulu? I would rather not enable services or ports (for security reasons) for services I am not using.


If you need it, enable it. If you don’t need it, don’t.

“If you need it, enable it. If you don’t need it, don’t”

I have completely Removed Zulu, and I STILL receive the “Critical Error” message: “Invalid Websocket Transport for Zulu”. I would like to cleanup the error messages.

Click the red (X) and it will magically delete.

I assumed it would go away on its own. Got it. Thanks.

You uninstalled the module and never resolved the problem so no it wouldnt.

Andrew, thanks for today’s Epiphany moment.

If you remove the software that’s responsible for turning on and off the light, the light will just hang around until you unplug it. :smile:

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