Intrusion detection - updated the freepbx and now I can't add addresses to the whitelist

(D Rajan) #1

Intrusion detection.

I updated freepbx modules and now, I am unable to add addresses to the whitelist.
System admin - intrusion detection takes me to the firewall module. And I can’t enter anything in that section.



Can you describe what happens when you try to add new addresses? For example, do things look like it save correctly, but you don’t see the added address when the page is reloaded?

Also, can you share your module versions by providing the output of:
# fwconsole ma list

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

Note that it may require you flush the cache in the browser for the new firewall features work as expected. You can confirm if it’s a browser cache issue by opening the page in incognito mode.

(D Rajan) #4

It was indeed a browser cache problem. Works in incognito mode. Thanks Lorne & Wmoon!

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