Intrusion Detection Sync - Import Zones via CLI/SQL Query


I am trying to enable Intrusion Detection Sync and select zones to be imported via CLI or MySQL query - because I prefer not to log in via GUI and import zones manually for dozens of my FreePBX instances.

Someone has already asked this question but hasn’t received any response:
Intrusion Detection Sync - Import - FreePBX / Security - FreePBX Community Forums

I have managed to find the Intrusion Detection Sync option in the database and update it successfully:

UPDATE kvstore_FreePBX_modules_Firewall SET val = ‘{“safemode”:“enabled”,“masq”:“enabled”,“lefilter”:“enabled”,“customrules”:“enabled”,“rejectpackets”:“disabled”,“id_service”:“enabled”,“id_sync_fw”:“enabled”,“import_hosts”:“enabled”}’ WHERE kvstore_FreePBX_modules_Firewall.key = ‘advancedsettings’;

yet I’m not able to find the Intrusion Detection Import values.
Does anyone know where should I look for it?
Thanks in advance.

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