Intruder making unauthorized calls on PBX

I’ve got a PBX that has something or someone making unauthorized calls on the PBX. I don’t know of any ways to remove the person and keep the PBX. The system is hosted on a cloud VPS.

There have been several calls and they seem to come in waves. At the moment, we have blocked outbound calls by requiring a password. Does anyone know how to fix this?

The first thing would be to allow access from trusted sources only. Then, I’d re-install from scratch. Unless you know how to clean up the mess…

What mess? This could be simple things like allowing guests.

Unfortunately, after disallowing guest and anonymous sip, the calls are still getting out.

Do you know the IP address(es) where the intruder(s) are coming from? You can then black list them in iptables. You should have your firewalls turned on at all times to help prevent a foreign agent access to your pbx.

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