Intra-PBX calls

Good day,

I have 2 pbx running latest version of Freepbx…

both are connected through an IAX trunk.

the Main site have extension from 201 to 390
the Second site have extension from 201 to 220

From the main to the second site, user dial 91xxx to reach the people
From the second site, to call the main site, users dial 9xxx.

It work perfectly in both side… BUT… when people from the second site call the main site, the person receiving the call see the extension, but the name of the equivalent extension from the main site…

Any way to fix that?


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You have to rephrase what your problem is.
It is not clear what you mean.


Please change the extensions numbering on the second site. You can change it to 301-320.
The main server thinks that the internal extension is dialling and that is why it shows the wrong name on the phones.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.