Internet Problem with FreePBX running

Hello again,
I have a strange issue where every so often (once a week or so) i find my internet is getting bogged down to the point where pinging iinet (usually around 20ms response) gets me a 220 - 270ms response with the odd dropped packet.
This was happening to client of mine that was running trixbox and i moved them to freepbx and all seemed fine but now i see the same thing happening here.

If i run a ping -t to iinet’s dns server and reboot the box when the internet is playing up i see responses of 220+ms until the box reboots then it drops back to 20ms … i hear the box restart and seems fine for a few days.

From System Admin i get:
PBX Firmware:
PBX Service Pack: 1.810.210.57-1

I have:
1 sip to SPA3102 to PSTN
3 sip to mynetfone
1 iax to faktortel

Internally i have 3 SNOM phones and 1 SPA3102 as ATA.

Ports forwarded to freepbx server are
(different external port) to 80 (disabled this morning to test)
(different external port) to 22 (disabled this morning to test)
5060 TCP/UDP for SIP
4569 TCP/UDP for IAX
10000 - 20000 for RTP

Let me know if you need more info and where to find it.
Thanks all in advance.


What is the interface utlization when this occurs? Why do you have the web interface, SSH and SIP exposed to Internet? That is just asking for trouble.

Hey Scott,
Thanks for the reply… I have actually learnt alot from your posts over the years in this and trixbox forums …i was out for the day after i posted…
SSH and web were forwarded as this is my own system that i every so often get into from remote sites to show clients etc … i have killed this now … SIP is forwarded as i have a remote extension that connects in as well as softphones on my mobiles for when we go away.

I can access via another server inside my network to get to web and ssh inside my network so i will do that from now on but i still need the SIP port forwarded don’t I?
I also have a SIP connection to MyNetfone. i think if i stop the sip port then i won’t get inbound calls right ??

How do i tell the network utilization during the problem time. I have no monitor or k/b mouse plugged in and would look into it via ssh … if needs be i can hook up monitor etc if this will help as otherwise i will see the ssh traffic in there as well yes??

i have googled this problem … :slight_smile:

I have dropped port forwards to all services above and yet this morning i find the internet has slowed right down again.
Reboot Freepbx and all comes back peachy.
Can you tell me what i am looking for and what to use to check the network usage?
I try netstat -tnlupa but that really only shows me the processes that are listening on the ports.
Should i be doing a tcpdump ?? i am kind of lost at that point.

ifconfig will show stats of the interfaces.

Was this problem occurring before you installed the FreePBX system?

Problem was not occuring before installing FreePBX.
ifconfig only shows you the current stats. i think what i am looking for is something that can show me what is happening as the problem occurs…

if i run netstat -tnlupa that will show me what ports are open but not what traffic is going through or rather the network utilisation that SkykingOH was looking for.

is there something like the “top” command but for network to show what port / protocol is trafficing most packets ???

You might try iftop. Take a look at the link below.