International prefix for user group or extensions

Good evening everyone, I apologize in advance, but I’m a beginner and I’m trying to configure a particular case:

I have a freepbx in Italy with two sip trunks, one Italian (0039) and one Mexican (0052).

I was able to configure the Italian users, the outbound rules to use the Italian flow for all phone calls and the Mexican one for calls to Mexico, i was amazed at how powerful and flexible freepbx is.

But i added two Mexican users as an extension (for one/two users it makes no sense to put a local freepbx) and it works, but … the Mexican user, when making local calls, does not insert the international prefix (0052) and therefore the freebox does not recognize the rule and routes the call on the Italian trunk.

Is there a way to assign a default prefix to some users? so that when they make a phone call the system automatically adds the prefix 0052?
Or create specific outbound rules only for some users?

Thanks in advance

Hey, what is the SIP trunk provider from Mexico you are using? Im looking for a mexican sip trunk provider.

Thanks for your help

I think the way I would approach this is probably with the extension routes module. If you don’t want to pay for the module I would suggest trying using the callerID field in the outbound route. I think you can use a pattern match to cover more than 1 extension, e.g. 2xx would cover 200-299.

Then I would have four outbound routes (after any emergency routes):

  1. Local calls to Italy (for only the italian phones)
  2. Local calls to Mexico (for only the mexican phones)
  3. International calls to Italy (to match all phones when using using 0039 prefix)
  4. International calls to Mexico (to match all phones using 0052 prefix)

This should mean the italian users can dial locally to italy and the mexican users can dial locally to mexico. For routes 1 and 2, you will need to restrict the routes to each group of phones so that you dont get a mexican user dialling a local number which freepbx tries to send to the italian trunk.
For routes 3 and 4, place the 0039/0052 in the prefix box so that you can use your local trunk. Keep the routes in order as well so the local ones are matched first.

There might be an easier way to do this, but this should work and its how I would approach this.

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