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I use FreePbx for business calling and have gotten fairly used to the program. I have decided to purchase a DID in the UK for customers in that region. Trying to get this to work has turned into a mess.I am looking for some documentation or advise for a dial plan that actually works. Many guides I have found online change the recorded message when trying to make a call but that is it.
At this point incoming calls work great, which is what I was after but I can’t call customers back and International codes on existing dial plans for US DID’s do nothing either so using a different number to call the UK has not worked either.

uk dialing is almost without exception 0 followed by a 1-9 followed by 9 digits 0ZXXXXXXXXX
from outside the country the 0 is replaced by +, the metacharacter for international dialing then 44 for UK so, +44ZXXXXXXXXX

you don’t say where you are from but if NANP land then 11 digit 1NXXNXXXXXX nor 10 digit NXXNXXXXXX will collide nor +1NXXNXXXXX will collide, + is 001 in the uk and 011 in NANPland so you can impliment all the above schema with only a couple small problems, next step is to detect the ‘tone indications’ to use appropriate for the country of caller and callee. all these dialplans are “closed” so you wont need a trailing . ever which eliminates the timeout of open dilplans needed in some countries.

0ZXXXXXXXXX ; UK to UK put after the one above because of Sheffield

should cover

I am located in the US. I am establishing the UK DID to allow “local calling” for customers to reach my company without international rates.
I would like to call to the UK from the states in order to return calls and such to customers in the UK. I have been playing with different variations of this and just tried all of these. Still getting different responses based on the format dialed from “Your call can’t be completed as dialed” and All circuits are busy now.

I am dialing
0114420XXXXXXXX = busy signal
4420XXXXXXXX = Busy
020XXXXXXXX = All Circuits are busy
20XXXXXXXX = All Circuits are busy
XXXXXXXX = Your Call can’t be completed as dialed
XXXXXXX = Your Call can’t be completed as dialed

You need to ask your provider or carrier what format they expect for international calls. (Probably E.164 style formatting) And of course make sure that you are permitted to make international calls.

as @billsimon says, you need to separate what your clients expect to dial with how you need to re-manipulate those dialed numbers to the particular carrier in the trunk dial rules

Thanks for your help guys. I am sending a message to our provider in hopes it’s something on their end.

The most commonly tricky international dialing convention you’ll encounter is the Trunk provider requiring the + to be added to the outbound dial. In fact, some trunk providers like Twilio require the + even on NANP dials; without it, the call will fail regardless of the rest of the format.

If you are using a separate Trunk provider for these international calls, you can add the + to Dialed Number Manipulation Rules > Outbound Dial Prefix field and it will apply to all outgoing calls via that Trunk. Otherwise, you’d be best to add it as a Prepend to international Dial Pattern(s) in an Outbound Route if both NANP and international calls are sharing a Trunk (and the provider does NOT want a + on the NANP dials).

Trunk Outbound Dial Prefix example:

Outbound Route example:

I finally heard back from my provider and turns out international dialing was not activated. I guess I should not have assumed buying international DID's would automatically give me international access. But it's working now so thanks for all the responses.

Sorry, don’t know what happened up there.

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