International Dial Pattern from US

Hi all.

Now that I manage to get the North America dial pattern works, I’m trying to figure out how to create a dial pattern for calling overseas. I’m still trying to understand dial pattern so here is the scenario I’m trying to accomplish.

Say extension 8100 will have to dial 90 before they can dial out.

I google around and the one suggestion that was shared was that I have to create this dial pattern.


So I programmed my outbound routes as follow:


Doesn’t work.

I removed the requirement for 90 to dial out by programming the dial pattern straight to 011|.

doesn’t work either. I’m assuming I’m on the wrong path, so could anyone help me with suggestion on how I should program my dial pattern? This is what I have for extension 8100

prepend + prefix + match pattern / CallerID

empty + 90 + +1NXXNXXXXXX
empty + 90 + 1NXXNXXXXXX
empty + 90 + NXXNXXXXXX

So, what should I add as dial pattern so that extension 8100 can dial international? Please advise? Many thanks everyone for your help.

I should say this is what I have for outbound dial pattern not extension. My bad.

I found this website that explained it very well. So this is what I do.

prepend + prefix + match pattern / CallerID
empty + 90 + 011Z. /empty

Don’t forget the dot (.) behind the Z.

Here is the link where I found the info.
Many thanks everyone…