International Call termination SIP Trunk Provider ε(๏_๏)з】

This is not a technical issue, I want to find out what providers offer better international call termination.

My current provider it’s not very good, many times cannot connect to the destination or explicitly deny the connection because it’s to expensive for them.

Who’s using heavy international and what provider are you using? any recommendation to try?

Calling destinations

My costumer it’s in the entertainment business and call to many places must in south america, Europe (central and west), Russia and Caribe (including Cuba)

Thanks for any input :bulb:

I would suggest I use then for business. They are stable and quite cheep from what I have found. Best part is that you can use them as a SIP gateway only, you don’t have to purchase an inbound number from them for a monthly fee! You just pay for what calls you make and thats it.

Thanks, will check it out!

DIDlogic has been horrible for me. They were fine for a while, then I started having stability issues with calls. Then i contacted support and they banned me, like it was an inconvenience to them that I’d have an issue with their service. They blocked me from Twitter and prevented me from purchasing DIDs.
So because I had several businesses with them they left me no choice but to port all my numbers away from them.

To this day they won’t respond.
I’d never recommend them.

Hi Antonio, i’ll try to help out here, try Switch2voip the quality is superb, i am not sure about the prices on the destinations you are looking for but i found the worldwide price list on the website

Thanks Victor, will give them a try!