Internatational Call problem

I’m using FreePBX 4.211.64-9. Never called international before. Just tried to make a call to China yesterday and found a problem. The number I called was 0118675547657777. The call wasn’t able to establish at all. When I look at the Asterisk log, I seems like the PBX was placing the outbound call “011867554765777”. The last “7” was missing. I through the phone did not send all the digits to the PBX so I configure a software phone to isolate the problem. The software phone appears to have the same problem. So it’s the PBX doesn’t place the call with more than 15 digits. I couldn’t find anywhere to adjust the max outbound digit length in the FreePBX GUI. Does anyone know how and where to adjust this setting to allow more than 15 digits to place on the SIP trunk?

Please read the sticky post “read before posting” so we can assist you.