Internal Transfers to a virtual extension

(Michael Coulton) #1

I have an internal virtual extension 789. When dial it directly, the call will go through. However, when I try and transfer a call to it I get a fast busy. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

Any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated.


(Greg Snover) #2

When you say the call goes through, do you mean you have Follow-Me set up on that Virtual extension and the call goes out to the Follow-Me destination?

If that is the case, most likely you are allowing foreign Caller-ID outbound on your system and your trunking provider doesn’t allow it - so the call fails. On the trunk, if you block foreign and then it works, that was the problem.

Let us know.

(Michael Coulton) #3

Hi Greg

I don’t have follow-me set up on ext 789.

Extension 789 is actually a custom destination. I uses “Lenny” the telemarketing script. What I’d like to be able to do is transfer a caller directly to extension 789. So far I can call 789 and get answered by “Lenny”. When and outside caller is answered by the IVR and they press3, the call will successfully be transferred to extension 789.

Hope this helps.

(Greg Snover) #4

If you are not bouncing it off the system, there is no reason for it to fail unless it’s not recognized by the system - Post a capture of you trying to transfer to that extension.

(Michael Coulton) #5

Hi Greg
I enabled follow-me and got the transfer to work. Thanks for the help and direction.