Internal / External call count not correct

Hi guys,

I’ve been using FreePBX for a while, initially on Elastix but eventually migrated to a custom install on Centos 6 (32-bit) with Asterisk and Freepbx 2.9

Everything is working great except the Internal / External call count on the dashboard, the external count works fine but the internal count has never worked, it always shows 0.

Any suggestions on what I can do here? It’s nothing huge obviously, but it’d sure be nice for it to work and I feel that if it doesn’t there may be other consequences.

Thank you!

Any ideas on this? I have 4 boxes set up with fresh installs of CentOS 6, Asterisk and FreePBX 2.9 and all of them have the same thing, it’d be nice to get it sorted.

Active calls, active channels and external calls counters all work fine but internal still only ever shows 0.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Works on my system, what channel types?

Sorry I should have mentioned that, the channels are all SIP.