Internal extension unable to dial out

It seems rather embarrasing to ask for advice or direction on this but I’ve come across an issue where one of our user’s extension is unable to dial out and call certain vendors and is even unable to dial their own cellphone.

Is there anywhere specifically in PBX or perhaps in Asterisk where this is managed at? I figure there must have been some sort of configuration change at some point but comparing the sip settings for that extension and device yields nothing in particular when compared to another.

Thank you very much in advance.

As far as asterisk is concerned then any differences between two extensions can be seen by comparing the various output of from bash where NNNN is an extension:-

rasterisk -x ‘database show’|grep NNNN

If no particular differences are seen then it’s probably your extension.

If the problem is caused by a restriction, it’s likely either a Custom Context on the extension, or a caller ID pattern on the relevant Outbound Route.

However, lots of technical issues might cause this (codec incompatibility, re-invite issue, provider doesn’t accept the caller ID sent by that extension, etc.)

It could even be a problem with the phone’s dialplan settings.

Look at the logs or Asterisk CLI to see what is going wrong.

Now that you mention dial plans I did think to take that into account. Normally I’ve only every seen that happen with our Cisco phones as we are, slowly but surely, transitioning from the polycom phones to the ciscos. I have had issues with dialplans but had not heard of them causing problems dialing external numbers before but I’ll give this a look the second I can.

Thank you for that bit of heads up.