Internal Extension from branch with weird Caller ID #

Set up a new branch location and connecting it to our main location with an IAX2 trunk. Outbound routes on both sides are set “Intra-Company”. When extension calls come from this branch or to this branch it displays the caller ID # of the IP Address port range and then the extension number. For example when extension 517 calls my phone at HQ my phone displays the Caller ID “1024-4920%3a517” instead of just “517”. I’ve included some log files showing what it’s doing.

212744 [2022-03-22 14:37:58] VERBOSE[3394][C-00001146] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:49] Set(IAX2/, CALLERID(number)=1024-4920:517) in new stack
212745 [2022-03-22 14:37:58] VERBOSE[3394][C-00001146] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:50] Set(IAX2/, CALLERID(name)=Teller 2) in new stack

What are your Display Name and Outbound CID for that extension?

In the Asterisk CLI,
iax2 set debug peer 517

Apologies, I thought I had rebooted both PBX’s on each end but I only did one. Rebooting my PBX at HQ fixed the weird caller ID issue.

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