Internal calls to SIP phone / external IP


And nor does anyone else until you throw some breadcrumbs.


The SIP dialer that I am trying to get to work is the one that is built into Android. (Ie -

The default one works when connected to WiFi (IPv4), but not on the mobile network which is IPV6 from what I can tell. I’m wondering if that is the issue.


The only thing that comes up with the warning is relating to the IPv6 address…I feel confident it has something to do with IPv6 but I have no clue how to fix it.

The system registers it as a call (i was testing from SIP to a phone number – turned on notifications when the outbound rule was used for testing).

[2020-07-13 23:52:26] WARNING[14170] acl.c: Cannot connect to 2605:8d80:421:fcf2:4824:6db4:f36b:2490: Network is unreachable


Ok, it’s definitely due to the IPv6. I just VPN’d my mobile device and it used an IPv4 address and worked. @dicko do you know where I should be looking now?


Sorry, none of my android phones (8,9 and 10) sport that sip client, here in my locale ipv6 is commonly used by T-Mobile, less so by Verizon, but many carriers will NOT transparently pass SIP outside their offering for obvious financial reasons, conversely they are happy to use your WIFI for carrying their calls over VoWIFI.

I suggest you try TLS as it might sneak under their radar.

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