Internal call via BLF to ring 2 extensions

Can I set up a BLF key to ring 2 internal extensions simultaneously and the first to pickup gets the call.
I know I can do it for external calls via a ring group but can I do it for internal calls

Create a ring group and assign the ring group number to the BLF key.

Sounds logical and it works!
Thanks very much

I have setup the BLF key and when pressed rings both extensions as expected however the BLF light on the Yealink T46G constantly shows a red dot with an X inside when those extension are busy or not. This is not a biggie but I would like to think it was green when not busy.
The BLF is setup as follows:
Type: BLF Value:603 (ring group) Label: (whatever) Line1 Extension: **603
Suggestions would be appreciated

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