Internal call transfer question

I was asked about an inbound call which went to our front desk. Front Desk performed attended transfer to direct the call to an internal extension and after 3 rings the person did not pick up so Front Desk sent the call directly to Voicemail.

Turns out, the person was at their desk and says the phone only rang 1 short ring.

Is there a reason this happens?

Depends on the phone technology and settings, but there are scenarios where this could happen. Sometimes the call takes a few seconds to set up, but the PBX is generating ring locally for you. In other cases, the configuration of the extension could be such that the first ring or two are “eaten” listening for sound on the line.

There are several reasons why this can happen, but it’s pretty unusual in a local network scenario. One thing to check is if the extension has FAX detection turned on in the extension configuration on the PBX. If so, the first couple rings will actually be played over the system listening on the line for FAX tones.

Those are all guesses, though. The logs will tell you exactly what happened and how. Post those and we won’t have to waste any more time guessing.

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