Internal Call Issue with Custom Contexts

I installed the custom contexts module and tried to configure multi talent PBX.

After creating a custom context and assign it to the extension, the ext. can be restricted to the specific sip trunk to make the outbound call. But:

  • it can not make an internal call. After dialing the internal ext., got the error message: “you call can not be compeleted dialed”.
  • If I change the ext-local to “Allow”, any ext. can be dialed. But I just want the ext. can only dial the other extention which have the same custom context( or you can say the same Group.)

What can I do?

Thanks a lot

Custom Contexts isn’t really designed to restrict calls between extensions. You may want to see the document, How to give a particular extension different or restricted trunk access for outgoing calls, and be sure to scroll down to the part with the subtitle, “What about restricting calls between extensions on the same FreePBX server?”

In the custom context I found that you can make a simple dial rule, like for example [1-2]XX
Then for ext-local select "Allow Rules"
It worked for me as I use a 9-for-outside prefix so this didn’t cause any conflicts with other destinations.