Intermittently, after using apply changes, incoming calls fail on all trunks

I just spent the weekend setting up the latest Distro.
I’ve found that sometimes after I make a change and hit the red apply config button at the top all incoming calls to the system will fail. When that happens, all ten of my trunks will show as unregistered. Qualify packets continue to be sent and received, even to the external trunks.

Outbound calls continue to work, and internal calls from one extension to another continue to work.

When I check the logs, the outbound calls show that they are going out, but inbound calls are never logged. Systems sending calls to my system report that the calls are “declined.” Here’s a sample log from the other system that is sending calls to me:
[2015-08-23 17:40:08] VERBOSE[5786][C-0000006d] app_dial.c: – Called SIP/[REDACTED]/[REDACTED]
[2015-08-23 17:40:08] VERBOSE[1931][C-0000006d] chan_sip.c: – Got SIP response 603 “Declined” back from [REDACTED]:5060
[2015-08-23 17:40:08] VERBOSE[5786][C-0000006d] app_dial.c: – SIP/[REDACTED]-000000cf is busy
[2015-08-23 17:40:08] VERBOSE[5786][C-0000006d] app_dial.c: == Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:1/0/0)

Doing further apply changes will not remedy the problem.

However, an “amportal restart” or “service asterisk restart” or “reboot” does resolve the issue.

When I opened a bug ticket on this issue, the Devs closed it claiming that it was a configuration issue or an Asterisk bug, and that I needed paid support. I’ve read somewhere that Asterisk 11 has a bug related to including comments.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this issue?

Hi AdHominem . Did you manage to resolve this issue ?

Yes. Removing the comment entries (entries with semi-colons in front of them) from the PEER details resolved the concern.

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