Intermittent voicemail failure

I have set up voicemail for my extensions and have the calls run through time conditions and ring groups prior to getting to the voicemail. Every so often my callers will hear the message “sorry the mailbox is full and there is not enough space to leave a message”. The message will go away after I remove the time conditions and ring groups and have the calls directly go to a single extension. Some times this does not even help and I have to turn off voicemail and then manually delete the voicemail folders from the command line. After I reenable voicemail, new folders are created and it works for about 2 weeks or so. In general voicemail settings maxmsg=9999, maxsecs=120, maxsilence=5, minsecs=7. My I have 40 Gb free on a 50 Gb drive.

I am running freepbx 2.11 with asterisk 11.12.0 from the pbx distro that I downloaded on the 9th of September. Where does this message come from and how do I make sure that callers can leave voicemail?

I think you are probably getting this message from your Carrier who has VoiceMail still turned on with your lines - As you add more delay, the callers are ending up timing out to the Carrier’s Voicemail (which is full now) and then they are hearing the carrier message - you can easily test this by just not answering the call, setting the ring time to LONG and listening.

Alison’s (Mark Spencer’s Squeeze) voice is fairly distinctive, so if YOU listen to the message, you should be able to tell the difference - and watch the CLI - if you don’t see your Asterisk answer the call and start playing a file, it should be obvious.