Intermittent Video with GDS3710 & GSC3570

Hi All, I have setup a video door bell system utilizing 2 GDS3710’s and 15 GSC3570 for my office building to work like an apartment style door bell. I am using Freepbx and have the doorbells and Intercom stations setup with an extension for each. I am using a Ring group number for the visitors to dial based on department they are going to in order to have a hunt style if one person doesn’t pick up. The dialing and voice works great but we are having issues with the video working intermittently. Some calls video works great and others it doesn’t. It is very random on when it works. I have h264 selected as the only codec in Asterisk SIP Setting along with the bitrate matching between Freepbx and th devices.

I have seen solutions that have to do with adding a line in to the extensions_custom.conf file however that seems to be for preview images with older phones that do not support video.

Any other thoughts?