Intermittent issue for Incoming Calls

HI Guys,

I have installed a fresh copy of Elastix 2.5 stable 64bit. I have setup my trunks and inbound/outbound routes.
I have my own ACME SBC to pass the calls to on my internal network. The ACME then routes the calls accordingly.

My outbound calls work seemlessly however the issue I have is with inbound calls. When making a change on the elastix portal for e.g. adding a new extension. After I click on apply config my inbound calls will stop working for some time. (sometimes its 5mins sometimes is can be up to 1 hour) After time has passed the incoming calls will start working again.

When the incoming calls are not working I have logged into asterix cli to check if the calls are coming in but I don’t see any incoming calls hitting the pbx. obviously after the time has passed incoming calls start responding and this is shown in the asterix cli.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Have you had this issue? It cannot be NAT because I’m passing the calls to the ACME SBC which is on the same internal private network.

I would appreciate any help.

Many thanks in advance.



You state

but in this case your problem is presumably in passing the calls FROM the ACME SBC to your Elastix box, but because Elastix has their own ecosystem and FreePBX has no concept of what “the elastix portal” is or does, you would have to go to elastix for help on this one.