Intermittent connection issues

Our PBX server keeping cutting in and out. One second I can make/ receive calls then the next I cant. Our door intercoms with ring groups are also cutting in and out. This is all fairly new to me, so where would be a good place to start in the troubleshooting process. One thing to note is i have zero issues accessing the GUI via IP address. and everything appears fine on the dashboard.

You’ll need to provide logs when this happens to see why things would cut in and out but typically audio issues like this are attributed to the network that the phone system is connected to.

Thank you for the reply. I may not have been descriptive enough. The phone system will work fine and when it’s not working, i can’t make calls in or out. When i try to make a call in, i get a generic message saying something along the lines of “Due to facility issues your call can not be completed blah blah blah”

You would still need to pull logs for anyone to be able to help you with anything.

One needs exact messages. This doesn’t look like a FreePBX message, in which case FreePBX is workng OK.

Working on getting those logs

The exact message is “Were sorry. Due to telephone company facility trouble your call cannot be completed at this time. Will you try your call again later?”

That;'s not from FreePBX, so FreePBX is successfully contacting the provider. The wording suggests a temporary condition, so not a FreePBX misconfiguration.

I put the link to the page that tells you how to pull logs.

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