Interface with a paging system

I’m curently running a Nortel BCM400 and want to switch to FreePBX. The only odd ball in my installation is a Bogen TPU100B voice paging amplifier connected to 7 Bogen SPT15A paging horns. Any way to connect that to FreePBX?

You could get a PA. Snom has one and also Xorcom. Dont know any others. Youl connectet either to a FXS Port or via SIP and you have a preamp output. Snom even has a 3.5mm output and a L&R like the ones you find on a stereo.

You can use a Algo 8180 paging interface - will connect to an external amp

If it is appropriate, there is a “console driver” in Asterisk that uses your server’s audio hardware and can act as an extension, your server’s line jack out needs to be within a couple dozen feet of your Bogen’s line-in jack.

I would like a little help understanding exactly how these devices connect to each other.

The existing paging system that is running via a bogen TPU-250 (link to specs:

The phone system is a FreePBX500, so acording to a previous post I can use an Algo 8180 as an extension ( Algo manual: )…ok that sounds good but will it connect directly to the TPU-250?

I’m concerned that the output on the Algo is 8 ohm and the TPU-250 wants a 600 ohm dry loop balanced input…do I need an intermediary device or ?

Any help would be appreciated.

OP here. I ended up going with a CyberData paging adapter. Acts as an extension on the PBX, also does multicast. It’s designed to connect to an amp.