Interesting Yealink Phone network issue

Got a job installing a new FreePBX15 Appliance at a local municipality. The internal departments use the existing system as an intercom between the different locations around town. They’ve got fiber connecting all the locations and built a private network, no internet access, just for this purpose.

The existing PBX is FreePBX13 and on an old dying system that someone else who no longer works there built.

The client is handling all the networking and just needed me to get the appliance, configure it and install. Easy…

So go to do this earlier this week and for some reason the Yealink T29G phones refused to get on the network. Any other device we connect to the switch, no problem. The T29G’s no go. DHCP, static, didn’t matter.

So I gave up and brought it all back to my office, plugged the phones into my POE switch and boom, connected right away.

So I pulled out another small POE switch, set up the appliance in the lab, connected my laptop and two of the phones. I set up the DHCP server on the FreePBX since this was a canned network. Sure enough the phones connected. Weird.

Then I realized, when I set up the network scheme in my office I used a subnet. The client site was using a (why he needs that for a 30 phone system I have no idea, but it’s his network…).

So I’m wondering if yeahlink T29G phones simply can’t see very large subnets? Doesn’t seem right to me but I’ve seen weirder things…

I don’t use Yealink that often, only have a handful of clients with them. Anyone ever see anything like this before?

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