Interdigit pause

Good morning, the inter digit pause on my system is far to short and times out too quickly, is there anyway to increase this timer. Thanks Peter

Pause for what? Dialing off-hook from an IP phone? If so, fix it in the phone settings. Entering digits in your IVR? If so, fix it in the IVR settings. Otherwise, please describe in detail what you are doing when it fails.

Thanks, for example. Dialing 0208 555 5555, the user lifts the handset (freePbx extension), hears dial tone and keys in 0208 5, pauses to read the number from his notes and then proceeds to dial 55 5555. The PBX times out and only out dials 0208 5 to the BT network and hence call fails. Is there a parameter to change to make the PBX wait a little longer for the 55 5555 digits to be keyed in.


The PBX will wait indefinitely. It’s the “dial plan” or “digit map” in the IP phone that determines the timing. Make/model?