Interconnect 2 server to pstn network


i have 2 elastix server (A and B interconnect). The A server as a OpenVox b200 card configure, and can make and receive call to pstn network.
My question is, how to connect the B server to make and receive calls (PSTN) through b200 card installed in A server???

Need Help…

Severla different ways. Some things are in common either way.

  1. Create a IAX trunk between the servers and modify the inbound and outbound routes on each server ro direct the traffic.

  2. create a IAX trunck between the servers and configure Dundi so that it is aware of the other system and it will route as needed. While this seems simpler the initial setup of Dundi is a manual editing process and a bit of work, in the long run it works very well as you can do adds, moves, changes on one system and the other system just knows, add a third to the mix and it becomes a simpler thing to manage then the first option.

This has been discussed many times in the forums. Search for connecting two servers together. What you use for a external trunk is not really important in the overall mix.