I am attempting to set up our phones to be used as our intercom system at our school district. Currently, I have everything working but I want to use a specific ring tone for a specific call type.

I want a specific ring tone for an emergency, and a separate ring tone for the daily announcements (and other non-critical announcements). What is the best way to add a ring tone?

This would be the ideal setup:
When someone from the office dials 501, the phones in group 501 ring with one regular beep and announcements are made. When someone from the office dials 511, the phones in group 511 play a siren first (instead of a beep).

Or is there a better way to do it? Should we use a feature code and then do the same group? *51501 would play the beep and *52501 would play the siren (and 501 would be the group). Thoughts?

We are using Polycom 330, 331, and 650 and we’re on the latest version of Distro.


I think you might want to take a look at the Paging Pro Commercial module available from Schmoozecom. It lets you prepend a recording to the announcement.


We actually have purchased the module but I hadn’t realized that I could add an announcement to it. I’ll take a look at that and post back what I find. Thanks for your help!


Thanks for your help, it does allow me to create and play an announcement (tone) prior to speaking. However, the Polycom phones still ring once before the tone is played. I’d rather it skip the ring, and instead just play the tone. Also, for certain emergencies, we’d like to loop the message/announcement until the call is ended. Is that a simple thing to achieve? Thanks again!

Thoughts?? Thanks in advance!

The one ring thing is probably a polycom feature, But the easiest way to Loop the announcement would be to just replace the existing announcement file with the same announcement repeated a number of times.

the ucs version of the polycom firmware changed the paging. you can make it auto answer without a ring.

if you are using the UCS version (3.3 or later I believe) you can use the following - it should eliminate the one ring when paging

Edit the appropriate sip.cfg file (see next item) with the following


       voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.1.value="Auto Answer" 




change the 00000000.cfg file to use the appropriate sip file (currently 3333 i.e. sip_3333.cfg)but check the tfptboot file