Intercom Works but Paging does not

This is a brand new 6.12.65-24 freepbx distro with asterisk 11 and freepbx 12.
Intercoming using *80 to any phone works fine, but when using a paging group the destination phones beep and that hangup.

tried posting the logs to this post but I’m getting an error "new users can only mention 2 users.

here is a link to the Logs

check your codecs. I had this issue when using G729 as i was only licensed for 2 channels (1 call) and was using G729 internally. Changed codecs on handsets and all worked fine after that.

I was messing with g719 and didn’t realize it was pass through. As soon as I disabled it paging started working. Weird that all other functions of the pbx worked including having 4 phones in a conference but paging would not.

Thank you so much for responding, I would have wasted countless more hours on this had you not.

Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: