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First thanks for reading.
I am considering freePBX for my office. We currently have a 25 year old toshiba system.
Phones are similar to Toshiba DKT2010-SD. It has a feature that we really like. When a call comes in, Mark answers, the caller asks for Joe, Mark can hit transfer and dial Joe’s extension. On joes end there is a loud beep/tone, at that point, both joe and mark are joined like an intercom /speaker. If mark wants the caller joe simply hangs up, and it rings on Marks end, he can answer or let it go to voice mail. If mark does not want it, Joe hits transfer again and takes the call back.
What is important, is the tone that announces joe on the intercom and the fact that the transfer does not automatically go to speaker, but rings first.
Hope this was clear.

AFAIK you cannot do attendant transfer + doing intercom.

However, if the phone supports auto answer, and you setup auto answer for all calls, then you’ll get close…

Read more about blind and attendant transfer:

I believe this will allow the transfer to go through without a tone. My biggest concern is that the transfer goes trough without the recipient knowing. This caused lots of grief the last time when we tested a hosted pbx. As an alternative, I would have no problem if the attendant transfer would force a ring and require the recipient to answer the call again. We cannot risk the caller overhearing our conversations. I have searched and seen several threads requesting this but no real solution. It seems so trivial and simple, but yet it has not been implemented. If anyone knows any platform that does this (other than the old systems I mentioned) please let me know. I would love to get rid of the phone system guys but I need this function or something that accomplishes the same. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks again.

Without intercom it’s just a normal attended xfer.

I understand, but I need to force it to ring again or require some other action or notice before the other person is on the line.

There is a config option for Asterisk to play a beep when the transfer completes:

That will work if using the in-call feature code to xfer, but you’ll have to test to ensure it works when using the transfer button on the phone.

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Thank you, do you know if that feature will work using the transfer button on the sangoma phones? I would just buy your phones if I knew it worked for certain.

I will test for you, but can’t right now. PM me if I forget about you. Alternatively, open a conversation with sales and tell them I promised to test for you.

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Thank you very much. Would you know about the digium phones as well?
Also, It is my understanding that both sangoma and digium phones allow for sidetone adjustment, is this correct?

xfersound param only affects calls transferred using the in-call feature code, NOT the transfer button on the phone.

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