Intercom on polycom vvx201


Im an still pretty new to the freepbx world. I have read a few topics that i was able to find regarding this, but really no solution.

My problem is, if I turn on Auto Answer on the polycom vvx201. it will pick up the intercom call on *80 just find. However, it also picks up all other calls. I have tried every ring type that the phone has to offer and it still picks up all other calls.

I am not provisioning this phone. All other examples of this I found were under the assumption that the phone was being provisioned. Is there a way to make freepbx send different “ring types” so the polycom will only auto answer the *80 calls and not the normal?

Anybody willing to take a stab at this?

Ive dug some more and read a few posts that stated I got to edit SIP headers but it seems no one has really gotten any deeper then that.

hey ryan! Did you ever find an answer? have exact same issue.

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