Intercom on FreePBX

Hey guys - new to the forum and new to FPBX but loving it. I have just installed a FreePBX and have about a dozen extensions on it working correctly. What I am trying to do is ring each extension simultaneously and allow them to be answered simultaneously like an intercom. They are Cisco 7940’s so I can set them to auto answer. But I can’t see how to do a ring group that will allow everyone to answer. I want everyone to auto answer. Any ideas?


See Applications -> Paging and Intercom -> Add Page Group.

However, this is usually done with duplex off, i.e. the caller makes an announcement heard by all the called phones, but they cannot reply. If you need to hear replies, set Duplex to Yes, but be aware that it doesn’t work well in many situations, e.g. a face-to-face conversation or music playing near any of the called phones can drown out what you’re trying to hear.

The “Paging and Intercom” group is not there??? This is FreePBX - did they remove it?

Go to Module Admin, select repositories, do Check Online. Does it appear?

That did it - thanks a million!!