Intercom not working only ringing to phone

Hello i have a small problem I’m trying intercom from Ext 700 to 701. So i put *80701 and it calls the second phone like it’s a phone call Nothing is happening. I have both phones set to *54 to enable both phones for intercom. Not sure what to do can someone please help me out?

Thank you

That would be dependent on your ext 701’s ability to auto-answer such calls.

Hello Dicko Thank you how would i be able to auto answer that intercom automatically? Well not automatically answer a phone call but Just the Intercom?

How could anyone help you if you don’t say what phones you are using?

I’m sorry I totally forgot that. I’m working with a cisco-9971 phone.

This is the Xml file from it.Also I’m using Oss endpoint manger.

You chose one of the most notoriously difficult phones to setup, (that’s why they sell for 30 bucks on ebay :wink: )

I personally can’t help you here. . . .

I understand it was a nightmare to even get started. I’m hoping i can get it straight out soon th.ank you