[Intercom] Deny Voicemail


We have intercom at the enterance with a button that will call reception.

I want to have this behaver.

if the intercom calls to the reception, there will be no voicemail and the call will hangup

sometimes the reception use forward to all, if she is not at the office. other extentions camn open the door or answer the intercom.
however, I dont want that the intercome will go to their voicemail either.

basically, is there a way to block the intercome extentions for access voicemail without blocking the other extentions

You could probably set it up with cascading ring-groups.

Set up the first ring group to just go to the receptionist. Set the ‘ring time’ to something short, like 5 seconds. When that fails, send it to a second ring-group that’s set up the same way, except set the ring-time to something nuts (like 300 seconds). Be sure the Receptionist extension is in both ring-groups. When the call fails, route it back to the receptionist ring-group (for five seconds). The circle will continue until someone answers the phone.

This way, if she’s away from her desk but hasn’t set the phones to call forward, the right thing happens. It also gives you a lot of control over who gets called for the secondary “Schlep to the door” group.

The advantage of this is that the only time the ring group circle will start is if the call is routed to the ring-group. Since you don’t actually modify her extension, your current process will continue to operate correctly and voice-mails for other applications will work correctly.

The downside of this is that if anyone gets routed into the ring-group circle, they will be stuck there forever unless someone answers the phone.