Intercom call to ring group results in one way audio


I have a CyberData 011410 SIP intercom that I recently gave its own extension on my FreePBX setup. I was looking to have it call several extensions on the system when the button is pressed, so I made a ring group (ext 1003) with those extentions (ext 202, 203, etc) and had the device dial that. The call appears on all of the VoIP phones (a Poly Rove B2 in this case) , but answering on any of them results in no audio coming out of the intercom. I do hear audio on my B2 coming from the intercom’s microphone. If I make the intercom dial one of the extensions directly, then everything works as it should. All of these devices are on the same local network, so no VPN/NAT issues are here.

I assume I have something configured wrong, so any advice would be appreciated. Doing a search on the forums shows an old thread with a similar issue, but it was locked before any answers were posted. I have linked two pastebins logs of me dialing and answering the call. Nothing in particular sticks out to me between them that shows the issues, but maybe it will to an expert hanging around here :grin: If I need to provide any more information, I can do so.


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