Intercom Alert to all phones even when they are on a call

In the event of a fire alarm, we would like security to be able to dial an extension which intercoms all SIP phones, they auto answer and a prerecorded message is played: “Please evacuate, etc…”

Now the Paging and Intercom module seems to be the way to go, but it works but only with idle phones.

Now when the phone is off hook and on a call and the page/intercom call is coming in, I see it coming in, but I have to manually pick it up.
However, as it’s an emergency, the person on the call needs to hear the emergency announcement immediately.

How would I go about this, use chanspy?
Or is that something that can even be done through the intercom module?

Also, is it possible to loop the announcement and keep it playing repeatedly?

Does it?

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Almost. Whisper works, but it doesn’t play the announcement when the phone is on a call, only when it’s idle.

Yealink phones

  1. Why not use force?
  2. Have you tried different audio formats?
  3. If above not working, then use to report.

Much luck.

I have the same issue. I have several Sangoma S300 in exam rooms. If they are on a phone call, you’ll never hear the page. Even if you choose Force. And this is specifically if I add the phone in the Paging, not just multicast.

It would be great if the Sangoma phones would support multicast prioritization, as that could be another way to override or whisper over the phone call.