Intentionally record one side of audio

Our company is in a state that requires both parties consent on recording telephone calls. While we would like to hear our employees and correct them, we don’t want to clutter our IVR with “you may be recorded”, and especially don’t want to play this announcement on every out-bound call to customers.

Is there any way to record only our employee’s side of the conversation?

I see there has been a problem in the past of soxmix versions needing different command line flags, which caused each side of the recording to be separate files, and not get mixed… So it seems like I might be able to cause this problem intentionally and just drop the outside callee’s side of the audio feed. But I think I would have to chose to keep Caller or Callee… and that depends on the call being inbound or outbound.

Recording Calls - weird problem - FreePBX

Any ideas of how to make this work for only our employee’s audio (regardless of inbound or outbound call)?

And when it comes to a manager listening in on a call, or whispering, does this go through the sox method as well, or is it a different system entirely?

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