Intel Nuc6i3syh no driver found Intel nic i219-v

So I thought I was going to be cute & put fpbx on a custom built Intel Nuc with i3, 8gb ram and an ssd, well not so much fun or luck so far. So I’m getting the dreaded no driver found error upon install. I’ve searched and found what I believe are the correct drivers, but the install won’t take them, I think they’re designed to be installed from rpm not during os install. This Nuc model uses the Intel i219-v network adapter. I’m not a fpbx/redhat guru…Any advise aside from installing a hypervisor on there and throwing it in a vm lol?

Thanks Dicko, never heard of proxmox, but from checking out their site, it sounds pretty awesome. I’ll look into it more. Now, is there a list of NIC’s that are approved, certified or recommended for FreePBX deployments? And/or is there a sff or usff computer that is recommended. I’ve been looking at a few: Dell Optiplex 990 usff, Lenovo M90 sff, etc…but not sure if their nic’s are any more compatible than the Intel Nuc. It’s really a shame they don’t make it easier to use the Intel Nuc’s, cuz they have very good hardware at a good price & 3 year warranty & no moving parts (with an ssd), so it would make a good fpbx device. I’m sure it has something to do with Sangoma pushing the FPBX appliances, which I understand, but I’d just like to not have to have a big honking computer on the wall at a clients site, when I can have a cute little 4x4 box that’s more reliable.

My desktop computer is a NUC i5 running proxmox, and the Debian lxde GUI, it has a couple of FreePBI’s, a Kamailio proxy, a Plex media server , and even an XP VM for my USB connected weather station, all run fine within 16g of memory, I choose zfs while installing and created vm’s for ease of management and offsite backups. You have a changeable choice of network adapters to present to any VM, a 4x4 quiet multipurpose box on the wall , think of a ‘wallboard’ or FOP2 ‘kiosk’ attached to the HDMI port, all for probably less than 600 bucks.

Add another nuc and take advantage of the inbuilt HA cabablities to save on licensing

Whatever is supported with stock RedHat 6.X would be the same for us.

As far as small form factor look at our PBX 40. It’s very small and NO moving parts and a quad core CPU in it.

So Dicko, you’re running all this on the one built in NIC? No additional nic’s?

Correct, XP needs the realtek driver all the Lini Are happy with the virtiio one

You can bridge or Nat them

Thanks guys, I ended up going with Windows 10 & throwing FPBX in a Hyper-V virtual machine on it. It seems to be doing fine. I had 8gb of ram & an ssd, so the little bit of overhead for the host OS is still no big deal.