Intel Nuc models

Just wondering if anyone has successfully installed FreePBX 14 in an intel nuc (model #)? Im looking to build a small system (less than 10 users) for an electrical contractors office. Thank you.

I have a DC3217IYE
FreePBX 13
35 users
working great

Thanks I will try to find one. Seems like an older model. Im trying to find something thats currently in stock from amazon or newegg currently Im looking at NUC7I3BNH its a core i3 released Q1’17.

From what I read freepbx runs on CentOS 7.4. Im trying to find documentation on compatible nucs but cant seem to find it. Anyone know any info? Thank you.

Late reply but I have installed and tested FreePBX 14 on an Intel NUC NUC6CAYH. Worked fine after flashing the BIOS with the latest Intel BIOS version.

Good luck!

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