Integration Yealink with other platforms

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I have some questions about Yealink products that allow you to connect to other platforms. There are several MVC kits(MVC900 II, MVC800 II, MVC400,MVC300 II, MVC500 II, MVC640, MVC840, MVC940) that provide software to connect to Microsoft Teams. We currently have a VC500 and a CP960 with three additional speakers and a wireless pod to open presentations. These devices provide a connection to Teams, but if we create the meeting(we connect through Teams Gateway), and in the other way, when it is an external company that creates the invitation, unfortunately we have no way to connect to the meeting. As for other platforms like GoToMeeting, Zoom etc, it’s possible that there is an option, but it’s still an extra cost because there is a required account with extra features. So I would like to know how other Yealink products that offer connectivity to Teams or Zoom work.
My questions are:
Can you connect to Microsoft teams joining a room seamlessly and without additional ways?
Can you use the device to connect to other platforms (e. g. GoToMeeting,Zoom,Cisco webex), if so how?
Is there any other hardware from Yealink that offers connections to the above platforms?
Thank you in advance for your answers.
Greetings :slight_smile:


This is not the proper place to ask that question. This is a forum for FreePBX, not Micorsoft Teams or Yealink phones. I doubt you’ll find any answers here unfortunately.

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