Integration wih FreePBX

Hi everyone! I would like to know what’s the best way to integrate FreePBX with Salesforce? Thank you in advance!

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Not really sure the question makes sense.

The problem is that Salesforce is a lead management system. It can be intergrated with Asterisk (incoming call notification, etc.) but there’s not really anything in FreePBX (which manages your Asterisk implementation) that you can integrate.

There is a project in the works called (IIRC) FreePBXCRM which is supposed to provide a framework to manage CRM system integration with the underlying Asterisk implementation, but I don’t know how far along that is.

If you look for “Salesforce Asterisk Integration”, you should fine LOTS of information, including several Salesforce connectors that allow you to contact your Asterisk system. There are lots of folks out there that feed their kids helping companies with that integration.

FreePBX has a commercial module here that does CRM integration. Salesforce plugin will be ready in beta in the next week or 2. We are just putting the final touches on it.

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